About Northeast Elementary Magnet School

  Northeast Elementary School  
  Northeast Elementary Magnet School  


Northeast is a united community of dedicated educators and families focused on educating the whole child through high expectations, rigor, and healthy decision-making to last a lifetime.


Vision of Northeast Elementary Magnet School

Nutritional habits for life
Engaging all students
Mastery and high expectations
Serving as a center of excellence


Do you want your child to have a different kind of educational experience?


Nontraditional grading focuses on communicating academic progress to parents and students through specific quarterly expectations.

Northeast has a full-time Spanish Instructor.  All students Kindergarten through 5th grade receive instruction in conversational Spanish.

Music: Students participate in one major project each December. The musicals are held during the holiday
season at Danville High School.

Physical Education:
Northeast has a full-time P.E. instructor. Northeast students, kindergarten through 5th grade, participate in 30 minutes of physical education activities every day. Jump Rope for Heart is an annual event that all students participate in.

Balanced Calendar Education:  Students are in school for nine-week blocks, receiving a three-week break in October and March, a two-week break in December and approximately a six-week summer break.

This allows for less review and better retention of what was learned.

A uniform dress code for all students.

Family environment that requires family involvement in your child's education.